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Thumbs down Narutaru

Just one comment on the Narutaru's suggestion as a dark anime... well, there's no doubt that this isn't the thing that I would expect to find at "Kid's Station", it has some really dark scenes (if they only showed it throughly), but the problem with this anime and the reason why I won't recommend anyone to watch it is that THERE IS NO STORY! None of the 13 episodes make sense in the end... maybe just the last two.... but those don't hold any relation with the previous eleven... of course the characters are the same, but no one can figure out anything about how they are going to act... I was more pissed about Sakura and what she does in the end... WHO IN THE WORLD SAW THAT ONE COMING... or those episodes where the story is all about making a point just like the one they go fishing... what a pointless point... it didn't really reflect in anything later on... that anime reminds me of a bad acid trip... there is nothing in conection with anything and in the end... you will just regret they time of your life that you lost seeing that useless and pointless anime. You have been warned DONT WATCH IT!!!!
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