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Originally Posted by Who View Post
Okay, I've refrained from posting this for a LONG time, but contrary to what the title says, I'm not into metal.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I am willing to explore the genre, so anyone want to recommend a few songs/bands? I want to start out with the softer variates.
You've probably been hearing 'metal' and didn't know it...
Start with the classics from the 80s and work up to present day. The older stuff is a lot easier of a gateway for most folks.

Black Sabbath (fronted by Ozzie Osbourne before he went solo), Iron Maiden. Def Leppard was originally considered metal if you can believe that.

Shreddy but melodic stuff by Ronny James Dio or Yngwie Malmsteem.

Guns'n'Roses has been categorized as "glam metal"... and then there's Metallica (first few albums)

For the various present day sub-genre, I'll have to hand off to someone else... though I'm reading now that Wolfmother has been categorized as "retro-metal" by some (I had just tagged them as 'hard rock' but whatever).

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