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New post for time gap.

So I'm trying out Motocal now, and while for the most part it's much more friendly and understandable, the summons and results page have me stumped. And I don't know anybody IRL who plays GBF, so here and Reddit are the only things I have to consult.

So why does the summon page ask for multiple sets of summons? Looking at the list for one set, it should only need one and I'm guessing adding more sets is for comparison on the results page, but it won't let me remove the other two summon lists' it only resets them to base parameters when I hit "Remove." So what am I missing here?

And the results page I just don't get at all. I honestly don't know where to begin with how confusing the results page is just looking at No.1. (Which is my correct summon setup)

This is the link to it.
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