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Originally Posted by HunterSeeker View Post
I agree that the fort's assault is a bit meh, but I can agree 0% with this.
I don't even want to quote (from the passage) that Russia lost most of a 120-tank brigade within hours against Chechen rebels, or the famous M1A1 got nailed by Iraqi by just one shot. Armoured units in urban warfare are, in most cases, canned food and turned to junk minutes later.
I'm not saying Welkin is incapable to command Edelweiss well, but odds are odds.
We found that the tank is a very effective weapon, if used correctly," said Capt. Carlos Gomez, project rifleman OIC with Project Metropolis, an adjunct of the war-fighting laboratory specializing in urban combat.

"You must combine dismounts with the tanks themselves," Gomez said. "The infantry provides protection, but if you don't train to do it, it's not effective."

Not to mention that is 21st century combat, we are talking about 20th century combat where they don't have IED's or suicide bombers.

That and Squad 7 would use Edelweiss as the rallying point, hence, protecting it from anti-tank units.
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