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Originally Posted by Tak View Post
What you are forgetting is that Gallian Chronicles is an alternative telling of WWII where advanced rocketry and missile weapons were unavailable at the time. Indeed, the Edelweiss in the game can withstand many barrages before succumbing to damage. Since the Edelweiss was modeled after the German heavy tanks, its role would have been perfect for defensive operations, urban or otherwise, just as how German Tigers were utilized. In fact, in the battle for Berlin, legends recall that two lone Tiger tanks protected the Reichstag, halting Soviet advances for hours until their ammo was utterly spent.
- Tak
That's assuming the commanders know what they're doing though. Tigers are so hard to kill is because of their extreme armour on almost all sides, and while it made them hard to use, they're almost equal to unkillable bunkers against enemy armour units. Against troops among the ruins, it's not really the case. Infantry protection aside, Edelweiss doesn't have AP weapons on its own IIRC, and even it has it's simply hard to wield in urban environment------In Black Hawn Down the MG gunners on the Hummers are almost the first target of the gureilla, even more than the Hummer itself.
Especially when Edelweiss' power generator is exposed from the back, it's just way too vulnerable to use it in an hostile-full environment.

And while they don't actually have missiles or advanced rockets, aren't Lances also man-protable and thus can still setup ambushes?

While 7th may have plot armour made up for their survival, in a tactical sense it's not really that beneficial to bring up their tank when there're (at least from what they knew) no enemies'.
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