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Edelweiss doesn't have AP weapons on its own IIRC, and even it has it's simply hard to wield in urban environment------
Edelweiss is equipped with machinegun hard points and a mortar launcher. None of which require the operator to be exposed to fire.

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That's assuming the commanders know what they're doing though.
And Welkin is not seasoned enough? Of course, its debatable in the anime, but...

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Against troops among the ruins, it's not really the case.
Try telling frustrated Allied commanders that in WWII that, where their push had often been halted by German panzers in defensive positions. That is, despite having towns or villages being bombarded into nothing more than a pile of ex-construction material, Tiger tanks still ambushed the crap out of them. In fact, in many cases, it only made German efforts much easier.

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In Black Hawn Down the MG gunners on the Hummers are almost the first target of the gureilla, even more than the Hummer itself.
Of course they are, exposed made them easy targets. This would not be the right comparison at all. I don't know what you are getting at.

Never mind the fact that in the planning stage, the mission warranted tanks! They simply weren't provided due to political concerns!

And please, don't quote Russian tank tactics. Generally speaking, their strategy is just that, general.

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