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They could do something to attract attention, and show off how special they are. But since they don't know where these powers came from, why they have them, or who else might have similar powers, they are justifiably hestiant to do so. Alerting other people to their presence, people who might have powers and who might not be nice, could cause all sorts of disaster. And if they have, in fact, been chosen to be some sort of heroes, then coming out like that could alert whatever "enemies" they might unknowingly have to their identities.

Even putting that aside, the powers they have could literally change the world. Even using them in some way that might seem like the right thing to do could have immense, unforeseen consequences, far beyond the level of things kids their age should have to figure out how to handle. Right now, they're wiser to stay out of it all. The ethical questions, the moral questions, the decisions that could accidentally destroy all life on the planet... better to leave it alone until they're better equipped to make the right choices.
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