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Originally Posted by raikage
I think it's going to start changing. People are finally realizing that gas isn't going to get any cheaper, and hopefully that will make those fuel-efficent cars more attractive to buyers.

I would still love to get a fully-electric car, but until then I'm just going to bike to work (weather permitting). Have to save up gas money to get to Anime Expo and Comic-Con somehow.
It will start changing but i personally think that these fuel efficient cars will gain the interest more of the older generation and not so much the newer one. I'm not saying that all kids want fast and powerfull cars but i do think that if given the choice...they'll pick a slightly stronger and more "eye candy" car over it's hybrid counter-part. I remember the first time i saw the Civic Hybrid around the time it first came out...i thouht the thing was hideous (still do as a matter of fact) and i didn't even think of buying one even if it did offer me 50+ miles per gallon.

Fortunetely (or unfortuntely, depending on how you look at it) these hybrid cars are coming out and starting to look more and more like their non-hybrid siblings. Now this is actually a good thing since looks won't be a factor in picking between the hybrid vs. non-hybrid version but as it stands the hybrids still don't pack the punch that the others do...except in the case of the Honda Accord Hybrid. The thing has some 240 Horsepower but since it's that strong it's mpg has gone to about half of what the other not so powerful cars can do. I personally think that it's so pointless to raise the cars power and lower the kinda defeats the purpose. Granted it's still better then the non-hybrid version but why sacrifice a majority of the cars existence just to be able to go slightly faster.

But yeah...things are gonna have to be changed around a lot...and who knows...maybe we'll even see less SUV's on the road these days.

Hehe, no more taking out the H2 to pick up little Johnny from his friends house a block away.
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