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Bush is losing favor toward his on going campaign and here's what he's trying to do now to attract some more people ^_^. Article On Bush On CNN


Originally Posted by Superchop
Pretty soon it'll be up to at least $4 a gallon for regular...I hear that many places in the US have already raised the gas price to about that it's only a matter of time before it hits everywhere. But now they're starting to put out that new "corn" fuel in some gas stations...which would be a good thing but there have already been numerous problems with it...the main one being that people's cars don't start if you use that fuel and if i remember correctly the gas companies aren't taking responsibility for that (correct me if i'm wrong). Where i work this one guy that owns his own gas station comes in everyday so if anything changes and i ask him about it he'll always tell me what's going on.

Personally it doesn't bother me as much as i think it should mainly cause I do have a fairly small car with "decent" gas mileage (given i ease off the accelerator a bit) so whenever i fill up it never costs me as much as the person next to me filling up their SUV. I mean...i dont' like the fact that gas is getting so expensive...but for the most part there isn't much i can do except start taking public transportation...which I dont like cause i won't be working with my schedule. Getting Diesel and Hybrid cars are great ideas, especially now...but like Kamui mentioned, here in the US most people are just too obsessed with HP and never really look at the gas mileage and even if they do look at what mileage the car gets...their decision is then also affected by the way the car looks.
As of 4-25-06 It's average about $2.82 ^_^.


Originally Posted by jpwong
What's that convert to? It's $1.083/liter CND here right now (and I'm in an area that actually makes the stuff). Guess that converts to $3.612/gallon USD.

Thank god I don't drive
You are so lucky, I gotta drive every single day . Though on Monday and Friday I dont work so i drive 20 miles less.


Originally Posted by srb
China has never been "pure communism" and it has been a controlled market social fascist state with private property for at least 20-30 years now. However, their increasing demand for oil will certainly put a further dent into the price as the suppliers will increase the prices as demand increases, and it will also be a major threat to the environment due to the gas emissions.
Sorry about my misinformation Srb.

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