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My favorite route so far has been Kudo's, it might have started out a bit slow but it really did redeem it self during the end and I won't be able to forget "that" CG for quite a while...

I did also like Haruka's route quite a bit, seems to me as 城桐央 has written the best scenarios amongst the new writers. I haven't finished Anego's yet so I can't say for certain and I haven't been able to get into Komari's character so it might have affected some of my opinions of her route. Same thing in Clannad for me also, in my case I just couldn't get Fuuko.

Rin's scenario seems to be very good (who knows maybe even as good as Clannad's Afterstory), I have some theories as to which direction it might go but I'm probably way off. I did enjoy the short part that was playable before the bad end, somehow just seeing Riki and Rin paired up makes it enjoyable for me and it's also the part of the game that has brought me the most laughs ∑(∵)
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