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Originally Posted by Koshimizu View Post
Bought all 4 magazines this month, so I scanned them all.



The Britannia Intelligence Agency Communication: (with comments from Sunrise staff)

In the sweepstakes information page, there's a textless version of last month's cover art.

The Q&A were answered by producer Kawaguchi.

An anime critic talks about the charms of the favorite anime character of Animage's readers, who stayed on the throne for 15 months- Lelouch Lamperouge.

The 8 pages about Knight of Rounds, Lee, and Lost Colors are from Newtype. Also the pic of Kaguya and Zero. I won't repeat them here.
A cleaner scan of the cover:

Bokura no Hibi, "Black Rebellion" DVD ad, sweepstakes information. I want that chess set so much!

Sunrise producers talk about Code Geass and its timeslot change:
Thanks koshimizu!!!!!!!!!
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