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haha. i was gonna vote, but it seems that the polls are closed... hmmmm, why does this always happen? (don't answer that).

i don't really dig there internet polls, or local polls or elections for that matter. and when i do, i either vote for the very first name that comes to mind, or don't vote at all (again, stating the reason above).

but if i were to vote, now, i would go for probably Mugi. (actually thought about this long and hard). i mean, i can see myself in her, a character who doesn't get much of the spotlight, but is always there for the group. (and i also wanna be rich)

come to think of it, i just started liking Mugi after her spotlight ep in S2. (ep 13?). and just recently realized that she really has a freakin' awesome voice, the reason why i like her songs (like her character image songs, which for my opinion, was better that her last one, and better than others. heck, my recent guitar cover was "Honey Sweet Teatime", which made me appreciate her more). well, at least that's my opinion, even if no one really asked about it...

(this poll was not created to see which character is the best, nor to compare one character to the rest. i believe this is created for the better appreciation of k-on) i mean, that is only my opinion. i respect your own

btw, why are there so little votes? and why are the polls already closed man?
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