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^Honestly there is the chance that he go berserk in one of the next episodes, I mean his already at is limit ,I think.It is true that thanks to Hare (and the current situation) he seems more stable / calm but that's does not mean that the problems that he has had up to now are gone ,they are there ready arise again.And being in the middle of Lost Christmas is even more likely that his forgetten memories will try to resurface again and with a force even greater than we have seen so far.And he probaly still have it's PTSD as well(I mean both of them).Plus the second void user took Inori and mortally wounded Gai (and probably killed him) the only thing I hope for the new guy who took Inori is that it does not try anything funny with Inori or that may be the last straw that breaks out of Shu's patience.I mean Shu is already a time bomb at the moment. One wrong move and he will regret to make Shu angry.But I hope it happen, maybe we will have the continuation of episode 6 (which is the only time we saw Shu upset, at least from what I remember)

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