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Good episode, decent amount of action and a nice twist at the end. It was good to see quite a few plot points introduced. Who is this new Void user, Is Gai dead, If so how do FP cope without their charismatic leader and do they rescue Inori or focus on finding the rock to stop lost christmas? ect. It serves as a solid foundation for the second half and hopefully the series kicks on from here. I'm also going to miss the themes, especially the ending but hopefully the new ones are just as awsome.

The one thing i didn't like is Shu's transition from the previous episode. This was a guy who was being haunted by nightmarish visions and was severly depressed to the point of seemingly giving up on life itself just a few hours earlier. To pretty much have broadcasted propaganda serve as the catalyst for him to snap out of what he was going through, must be one of the oddest wake up calls i've ever seen.

Also Gai lol, the man is absolutley relentless its amazing. i have to wonder what races through his head.

Spoiler for Gai's thoughts:
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