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Originally Posted by orion View Post
I really want to see Shu's ep 4 face (the one after he pulls out Inori's Void) and badass moves again. Kind of made you think that there are 2 Shu's here.
Same here , I really want to see that Shu again.

Originally Posted by djmaca View Post
We already have two Inoris. Kinda cool if we can also have one angsty Shu and another one that resulted from having his memories suppressed.

A Shu inside Shu...
would not surprise me if this were the case, after all, to have new memories that had been sealed up to now can change the character of a person.

Originally Posted by Xeones View Post

The only time Shu got angry during episode 6 was when talked to Gai... and then got his ass kicked with that "CQC-Boss-style" moves that Gai pulled off. I was watching the episode again, and I just noticed that for a brief moment (after he gets punched in the face), when he looks at Gai his eyes are reddish instead of the usual brown. But in the next moment (when he punches Gai) his eyes are normal again...
Exactly that's was the time I referred to, if I remember correctly I point out this in the Gc topic when not was yet created the sub forum. The thing is ,that this scene shows us that Shu can go into the red eyes mode without using Inori's void.

Originally Posted by orion View Post
Ep 1/2 battle was a violent battle also. The ep. 4 face was 1st seen here when he first pulls out Inori's Void for a few seconds and then reverts back to his normal face. Shu had a mecha on its back and stabbed it in the chest until it stopped moving and then he snapped out of it when he saw Inori on the ground.
Yeah you're right. I still wonder what Shu red eyes really is.After all thanks to this new void user we saw that the red eyes are not derived from Inori void neither the power of king, which means that is unique thing to Shu.The only thing we know is that Mana seems to have the same eyes at him (the red eyes I mean).
Sorry If I put these two pic again but they are the best to show the similarities in their eyes
Spoiler for Mana and Shu red eyes:

ImagineThat@As I already mentioned the problems are still there, the only thing that changes is that Shu is focused on what he have to do now.He has not really dealt with his problems so I would not be surprised if he does it later, perhaps on his way to save Inori.

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