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Originally Posted by mechalord View Post
I think Mana is dead, killed by Shu.

- Mana was alien/human hybrid
- Inori is her clone or grown out of her human remains
- the Apocalypse VIrus is Mana... Mana's cells. What was left of her.
- Mana = Jenova like being right now.. bits and pieces in different places,wanting to reform.
- Inori is supposed to summon her and become her host, merge with her... bring her back
I can not deny that I thought of this possibility but from what we have seen so far seems to me that Shu has failed to protect her.If I remember correctly (and someone correct me if I'm wrong) before Shu activate the power of the king and went to save Inori Gai think / something like, Shu / You will be able to save her this time or you're will fail again? (Or something like that ,really do not remember I really should review the anime) .In any case, as much I like your theory ,I more of the idea that something has take over Mana and Shu fail to help / save her.I honestly do not be surprised if the red eyes that Shu shows sometimes are the result from that accident or something that Mana herself gave it to him. And I don't be surprise if the new void user has a WTF reaction when he sees them (if Shu uses them accidentally).Like "No way, that red eyes are.....".

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