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Originally Posted by mechalord View Post
I think Mana is dead, killed by Shu.

- Mana was alien/human hybrid
- Inori is her clone or grown out of her human remains
- the Apocalypse VIrus is Mana... Mana's cells. What was left of her.
- Mana = Jenova like being right now.. bits and pieces in different places,wanting to reform.
- Inori is supposed to summon her and become her host, merge with her... bring her back
I like this theory.

going back to episode 1, when Shu acquired the Void Genome, it was Mana talking in that background saying.. "It's power... the guilty crown bla bla bla" I can't remember it exactly..

Mana probably was an experiment gone wrong. But why does Gai want to bring her back?? and these intentions increase the possibility of Gai having to sacrifice Inori to get Mana back (if your last theory would have to be correct)
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