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Originally Posted by Xeones View Post
That would be an interesting twist in the story... probably with Shu siding with Inori and trying to save her at all costs, leading to direct clash against Gai. But I don't see that happening... not in the next episodes at least, maybe something for the last episodes of the series.

Anyway... I was reading a few olders posts and saw one that said "There's no Void that Shu can used to compete against Inori's sword." (not in these words, but the general sense is the same). Crazy ideia: What if Mana gets revived and Shu extracts her Void to use against the blond kid... I mean, if Inori and her share several traits, it's possible for their voids to be similar (making Mana's void a sort of sword too). This would lead to an awesome sword fight between the two...
That's was me.And I also said at least that Mana don't decided to make another "Deux Ex Machina"and I must say I thought the same thing you said now.I can imagine a scenario
Spoiler for speculation:

But I'm sure this scenario will does not come true,unfortunately.
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