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That's was me.And I also said at least that Mana don't decided to make another "Deux Ex Machina"and I must say I thought the same thing you said now.I can imagine a scenario
Spoiler for speculation:

But I'm sure this scenario will does not come true,unfortunately.
Yeah, that's probably not going to happen... but it would be nice to see an episode like that. I mean, a good sword fight can improve almost any anime (at least during that episode). Damn, that thought made me miss the awesome fights from Rurouni Kenshin (especialy the Kenshin x Saito fight in the Kamiya Dojo... that was an epic moment).

But I'm pretty sure that we'll see something regarding the Mana/Inori relationship in the next few episodes... regarding the "void combination thing", we've already seen that her void can be combined with others (when Shu used her sword along with that other void in order to create the "hyper mega particle cannon" used to destroy BOTH Leucocytes in a single shot). So I really think it's possible that Inori's void is actually an incomplete one, wich can be used in conjuction with other voids to augment their power or "create" new ones.

Since we're entering the "Deus Ex Machina" territory, there's another possibility:
Spoiler for Deus Ex Machina possible moment:

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