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Originally Posted by mechalord View Post
I think Mana is dead, killed by Shu.

- Mana was alien/human hybrid
- Inori is her clone or grown out of her human remains
- the Apocalypse VIrus is Mana... Mana's cells. What was left of her.
- Mana = Jenova like being right now.. bits and pieces in different places,wanting to reform.
- Inori is supposed to summon her and become her host, merge with her... bring her back
Mana = Jenova looks good from my standpoint too. You see an image of a girl with long hair flash over the picture of a huge crystal at 20:32.

So Mana's using the Japanese people to be reborn.

So that would make Inori = a good version of Sephiroth? And Shu = Cloud?

If Inori sprouts a wing....

Then that would mean Hare = Aerith.....

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