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Originally Posted by Renall View Post
Okay. So. How do personalities actually switch? There are three options here:
  • Personalities are always active at all times and one simply takes control of the body. This would appear to violate the person restrictions if more personalities than Shannon and Kanon are present, and violates the notion that either can die because no personality ever actually "dies" (goes inactive). It would also somewhat violate the Logic Error, but only sort of.
  • Some personalities are dormant and others are active. At least two personalities may be active at the same time.
  • Only one personality is active and existent at a time. This seems consistent with issues like the Logic Error.
Of these, we can immediately dismiss the first as if true, it renders all the red tricks that Ryukishi supposedly used to make a non-dead person dead irrelevant, as the person never "died" anyway. So let's focus on the other two, as the philosophical problem with them is basically the same.
I think your dismissal of the first option is premature. Your problems with it can be resolved pretty easily:
1) Personalities are active and can interact with each other until they are killed off, which erases them.
2) The person limit counts bodies, not personalities.

#2 is arguably implied by the argument about Jessica having split personalities in EP3, since Battler didn't get shot down by the person limit. We can even take it a bit further, regardless of how switching happens:

Whenever Beatrice says that someone exists in a location, such as a room, or the island, she is referring to the physical location of their body. So, the statement in EP3 that "when the five victims were killed, the culprit was in the same room" means that for each victim, the body owned by the culprit and the body owned by the victim were in the same room. All bodies are trivially co-located with themselves! Therefore, since Shannon and Beatrice owned the same body at the time Beatrice murdered Shannon, they were in the same room, regardless of who was active or not!

Since Beatrice stated in EP6 that Kanon does not exist in the guest room, you might claim my theory implies that his body somehow escaped, which is impossible. But to "exist in the guest room" means for Kanon's body to be physically present. After entering the closet, Kanon lost the right to call that body his own, and so it could no longer be said to be his! Therefore, once he disappeared, "Kanon's body" wasn't physically present because he didn't have one!

How's that? Is it still in conflict with any red?
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