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Looks I missed out on a good one...........

Originally Posted by LaniGuy View Post
I really just don't see them stopping this anime. It had pretty good reviews and if you look it up on sites, it has 8+ rating of 10. I'm just hoping these studios just got side-tracked with many projects, some of which have been terrible. We also need to keep in mind he finished the last light novel for the drama 2011. They may have been waiting for this to make lets say a 26-36 episode FINAL SEASON.
As much as I would love to agree with you on the merits of sequel based on enjoyability factor, quality of the story and material, a studio/production company could give a hoot about an anime that didn't make them much money. For example, K-ON rates as average by many, and yet, that production is the best selling series for KyoAni. FMP anime, on the other hand, has made the least money for a KyoAni series. It's all about the economics. There are plenty of anime series that have above per story, solid production value, and all the other little things that gave a series that "oomph" factor which enhances the enjoyment, but never came to see another sequel. I'm not going to say FMP anime is finished all together.... not yet anyway. I'll tell you this, however, that in October of this year, it will be exactly 7 years for FMP-fans who have waited for a new anime series from this franchise. Even if KyoAni is working on another series, we know it is not a Key series which usually requires at least a couple of season worth of commitment because these guys usually like to be thorough. Hence, why I think this is the perfect moment for FMP-fans to finally get some affection from this studio. And if it doesn't materialize by Spring of 2013, then........ uhh-oh.

Here is Eggplant's post on KyoAni's money makers................

That said, I really really really think this is our year. It has to be. It needs to be. T minus two days.
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