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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
Not a single time Riki panicked in this episode. At the very most, he couldn't get how the situation could turn like that after Komari left his room. Really, the difference is quite noticeable: whereas Riki was initially helpless, often wondering what he should do (which is part of his "girlish" traits) in the vn, he was deadly calm in the anime, even moreso when Komari snapped on the street.
As a whole, I felt the way Riki was portrayed in this episode was acceptable, not good, but acceptable. But, if we're going scene by scene, then that's different, the lack of consistency shows.

In the beginning out in the rain, I agree, he's much too calm for what his personality should be at this stage. While in his room, the only thing he could do is listen and think and not take action to make things better, which is what his weak self usually does.

Next we have him in the lunchroom with the rest of the team. Here he displays for the first time IIRC that he doesn't really have the courage to face his problems, much less help others with theirs. He tries to run away but Kousuke stops him with his little speech which gives Riki a push towards becoming stronger. It's much too subtle but at least it's being hinted at...

BTW, I couldn't help but laugh at when Kousuke was watching Riki outside his room when he was drawing. It was like "Fu fu fu, my plan is progressing."
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