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That is a very interesting idea. makes a lot of sense. Ise's likely to gains pieces very soon. They're merely putting him through the steps as a procedure. Pretty much everyone agrees that he is deserving of high class. They're just biding time since he is still rather new to being a devil. He just keeps pushing their expectations more and more. Asia is assured of going with him. Having Valerie become the replacement for Asia is a good idea. Asia heals while it seems Valerie is capable of empowering others with her abilities.
More like Valerie takes away body weaknesses. So Valerie being with Ise and the group is a great idea. Of course it is still debated if Valerie is going to be in Ise's harem, but just her joining the group is good enough. Ise and the Gremory group still have the body weaknesses of light for everyone of them in the Gremory group aside from Irina, and Dragon slayer weakness of Ise. If Valerie joins, then those weaknesses are golden for the group.

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