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More like Valerie takes away body weaknesses. So Valerie being with Ise and the group is a great idea. Of course it is still debated if Valerie is going to be with Ise's harem, but just her joining the group is good enough. Ise and the Gremory group still have the body weaknesses of light for everyone of them in the Gremory group aside from Irina, and Dragon slayer weakness of Ise. If Valerie joins, then those weaknesses are golden for the group.
1. I think the author ready say no more girls to Ise harem, I said several times: I don't mind, but at least he need to advance with the girls ready have, someway I found odd Ishibumi Sensei forget about Ise true nature, being male in his youth and don't have more ecchi or even hentai situations, i say like when you sleep with many girls in one bed, 2 of them super hot almost nude Onee Samas, if your body don't react something wrong its going on.

2. Vampires are still in War against the Church, Vol 4 told Us that fact, Irina and Zenovia previus job description includes: kill Devils, Vampires, Fallen Angels, others.

3.Common mith in the World and Otakus are Vampires is highly Proud Species, Ishibumi take that to extreme when told Us about Gasper.
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