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Originally Posted by Chris38 View Post
Rias has already used her mutation piece to turn Gasper into her servant.

While, in Ise's case... the author did say that he won't add new harem members for him, due to the fact that it would lessen the screen time, of the heroines that are already in Ise's harem, which has been mentioned already.

Not to mention, I believe that there are still a few arc's ahead of us, before Ise is going to become a high class devil.
Rias's potential as a king has grown. That was why she was able to make Ross into her servant with only a single piece. There is a chance that Valerie could end up the same. We don't know the exact number of pieces that gasper would've otherwise required without the mutation.

Or one of Ise's bishop pieces could be a mutation piece. Since Ravel and Asia already have pieces, Ise only need to exchange a piece for each of them. If he had a mutation bishop he could just trade that to Rias for Asia and then Rias could use it on Valerie to make her a servant.

I'd say that chances are that Ise will be a high class devil with pieces by the time of the war with Shiva. That's likely going to take more than just Rias's group.
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