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According to Jewish lore, yes. They did. One account of the Cain and Abel story is that the reason Cain killed Abel was because Abel had a twin sister/fiancee who was more beautiful than Cain's and he wanted her. So he killed Abel for her. Another story has him marrying into another culture and that God created other people on other locations, but I'm not too well-read on that version. And anyone who's read their Bible knows of Seth^^. He's the biblical greatgrandfather of the human race.

Indeed. That's true. Genes are a prominent thing in Mahouka. There's a good chance the technology for "tailor-made babies" already exists.
Thank you for that.

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Genesis 5:4 (KJV):
"And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years: and he begat sons and daughters."
Especially thank you for that.

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Hmm aside from inbreeding, which combines a lot of similar alleles which then increases the probability of inheriting defects. (For example if you have like 11 alleles of disease A and you marry a person not related to you, he probably won't carry that allele so your children won't have disease A. However, if you marry a related person, whom you share a large fraction of alleles, then your offspring will have a larger percent of that allele than both parents, and will then create a higher probability of having disease A. That is what cause defects in incestuous coupling.
Yeah there's actually an interesting study on this suggesting that the human race actively seeks out diversity, suggesting someone more genetically different from you is more attractive. It's interesting stuff.
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