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I would recommend Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn (Wii) and Path of Radiance (GCN), if your Wii support Gamecube games. Both games have aged well and are challenging, especially Radiant Dawn. The FMV were done by production I.G. and still looks amazing.
Here is the thing, if your wii can play gamecube games there are some really good rpgs on it, like baten kaitos, skies of arcadia, tales of symphonia and paper mario.

Well the NDS and PSP were overloaded with various different JRPG and so many good ones to choose from. You have ports, sequels and experimental stuff.
The one game that sticks out is probably The World Ends with You, why because it was something new and is still unique. I can highly recommend it.

Let see PS3. Valkyria Chronicles is the one I would recommended. It plays like the original X-Com games but with a japanese touch, streamlined in some areas and expanded in others. IIRC it had dual audio track, japanese and english, which is probably worth mentioning.
Yakuza 3&4 are really good as well, but it is more like adventure game with RPG elements.
Resonance of Fate (PS3&360) also is a nice title with a fun battle system.

PS2 well too many to pick from.. grab what you can get?
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