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Originally Posted by RapidPotential View Post
Another thing I've taken an interest in is the huge tattoo on his back. If size indicates rank he surely has to be at least in the top five, yet the fact that he hasn't used his Phi in ten years puts him at the bottom. Something has to be up with his past, that the author is probably going to explore further.

We may have just witnessed a small bit of what he is capable of in a battle and I'm sure that's not all he's got. It was fairly lackadaisical, the way of his win.
Yeah the tattoo it's pretty big.but the thing i wonder is...if his sister bath with him until 2 year ago not this mean she know the size of her brother tattoo?Yet she was worry if he can win the fight again Sakura. Something wrong here. If the size mean rank/power why she was worry in the first place? I not belive that she never saw his tattoo.And im sure we see nothing in this figth i'm pretty sure he only play with Sakura in this fight. Maybe the next one will make him show us something more.I start to wonder what happen if his Phi remove the costume ....maybe the phi power grow even more?

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Along with that, multiple enemies will come knocking at his doorsteps and fight him to obtain his data... so far the in coming one seems to be Silvie based on the orders given to her at the end of c1 and since it has a harem tag, assuming girls would be his opponent but if it was a guy... would he kiss the guy if he came out victorious?
Let's hope we never see this happen.I not think that some one here want to see a kiss between two male.

Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
He also rejects getting in contact with the monument which gives another question. What did he see or saw or the data that he receives? for those 10 years to just sit back and fulfill the promise to become stronger but how? did he train secretly? but the records show he didn't used it for 10 years but maybe in official record. So what gives?
Yeah this something else that made me wonder. what he see to make him not want to contact the monument again? Also it's worth point out that the monument react when Tora summon his Phi. Wich mean there is something really important that we dont know for now.
Originally Posted by surerman View Post
may be his Phi is different that it become stronger/smarter by itself and to slow down the progress, he didn't summon it and avoid the fight or need to call it, which make it grow even stronger and dangerous
Or maybe he really know who is inside the costume and not want make him/her fight for nothing?
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