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I think was clear from ch 1
Spoiler for spoiler:

More than anything I'm curios about his Phi,then again seem to me everyone here a curios about his phi.

Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
A really MOE HNNNNG!!! INDUCING GIRL WILL COME OUT then I will die of heart problems
To tell you the true .I hope this is the case just to see Sakura and the other face when they find out this. And even better if Tora always know this.
Joking aside. I think its not possible to keep that huge tattoo on his back a secret to his little cute sister. Though even if the tattoo indeed shows rank or power. The MC hasn't summon his phi for what 10 years right? then even if his cute imout knows it. Since maybe she hasn't witness his power yet. She doubts that his lazy brother can win.
Yeah that's why i said like that. I mean she know that size= power. But i suppose you're right on the reason why she was worry.
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