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Originally Posted by Ryogo View Post
I think that the second chapter is from the issue released in may 26 from Dengeki Daioh.
Thanks .Now it's more clear.

Originally Posted by Kioras View Post
Not sure of anyone else, but instead of seeing it as costumed tiger, i see the summon as a Tigger Clone. Especially with the speed/bouncing it showed
It's a costume for sure. Not only is like a costume but have a zip on her/his back. You can cleary see the zip when the tiger come back to Tora.
Originally Posted by NeutralZero View Post
Hmm... if its actually a tiger clone why does it look like that with zipper and all and can talk compared to those other summon like Silvie in ch2 and the 100th ranker 2 hounds so far and it was deem as 13 human?
But well see that soon enough anyway...
Seen raw 2... can't wait for it to be translated and curious to know what whould happen in c3...
I no see the raw so I have to ask. You mean in ch 2 the tiger talk?Also they would not call his summon like that if was a tiger clone.Plus ,like i say and you point out the tiger have a zip on her/his back.
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