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Juvia's defense is pretty much 'all-or-nothing'. Either you swing and you do no damage completely, or you swing and you hit. Thing is, you'd have to hit with a non-physical attack or another element. Depending on how high the elemental mastery is of the other person and how much magical power they have, they can overwhelm her:

Natsu can pretty much turn her to steam...
Jura can squish her between rocks or bury in dirt over and over again...
Gray can freeze her...
Laxus can electrocute her...
Wendy could blow her so far apart that her magic can't hold the water together...
Corba could probably posion the water, and therefore, Juvia herself...

With the elemental counters, it's pretty much 'rock-paper-scissors'.

But even with the case of Meldy, someone who was thrashing her in the first half of the fight, when Juvia got her 2nd wind, she was curb-stomping Meldy so bad, it was unbelievable.

I'll still give Juvia a 5/5 DEF since it takes a special/specific attack to even do damage to her but when it does, it usually is a knockout if they hit hard enough.
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