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Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
I think the legend doesn't actually reflect the strength of this version of Son Wukong but I'm not sure since I haven't read about her yet.

But setting wise. We should be prepared already when vol 2 happens. A shrine maiden vs witch spell spam battle. The anime didn't turn into like that but novel wise it did.

The setting might be pretty absurd and unbalance but isn't that the same for other recent works? MC first weak goes strong.

Though Marcus your example for Kamachi and Kawakami's use of legends might be screwed up but their settings is one I loved the most because they don't do the stupid shounen power up. The power levels stay same. A strong one can be beat by a weak one by careful planning of strategy and team work. It doesn't always RARR Power vs power which is pretty shounenish type of work.
Well Kinji did get different version of his Hysteria mode as the story goes along, so that's kind of a level up? The only thing I don't like about the son wukong setting is just that he's too overpowered...I mean
Spoiler for LN:
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