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I just watched the episode again the second time and I gotta say I am still disappointed with the visuals (and I am not comparing just with Kyo Ani).

I got this from another anime web:

The frames per second and image quality of the anime are already bad enough compared to the other animes that are airing. They should at least fix things like this.

My only hope now is the quality of animation does not effect the story depiction. Not yet disappointed with the development of this episode. Although it felt a bit fast compared to the other Key animations which is understandable since it is going to be 26 episodes. Since they haven't announced second season, I assume 26 episodes for 5 routes + main route at this pace is about right I guess.

EDIT: who am I kidding, take a look at the other 24 episode animes JC is making, their visual look on par or better than LB... Yea their probably just treating it like "another" anime.

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