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Originally Posted by matrixhazard View Post
After watching Mio's arc, just like Komari's arc, they do a great thing about her parts not to be forgotten and replaced with Midori. Even though they cut a lot of event between Riki and Midori, I still believe Mio's arc passed most of my expectation.

However, since the anime cuts the plot about romance between Riki and Mio, it raised me a question why Riki has yearned for her so much like that. If this plot is used to Rin I won't doubt since they know each other since they were young, but for Mio, Riki (in the anime) just really talked to her a little while ago and it just not like Riki and Mio harbor something special to each other much like in the game. Even though the climax change to that Riki compare Mio to himself when before he met Kyousuke, the anime plot is not make-sense to me just like the game did

Anyway, I still like the final scene when it changes from Riki & Mio to Little Busters! & Mio, even though I just prefer Riki be more close to Mio just like in the game. This arc just only romance plot was cut off but everything is really good
Pretty much how I feel. I dunno, the lack of romance in this arc made me feel really disconnected from Riki. Why was he going to such extraordinary lengths to save Mio? Why did it have to be her, and not Midori? Being a 'nice guy' doesn't cut it here. I believe Riki was actually being selfish in choosing Mio over Midori. To have such strong emotions for her, it can only be explained with love. And they took that all away. At least give me the handholding scene... ;_;
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