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Originally Posted by Velsy View Post
I've been playing this game over the last 2/3 weeks but took a weeks break. Into chapter 7 and been enjoying this game much. Tho I have to admit, its harder to level my favourit characters up when I keep getting more who I like >< So my starting team has gotten bigger ><.

One thing I want to say tho, I hate how the skill assingment works. By using an example, Flyer type creatures such as Sharty, Melodianna, Elizasleyn. All have to use the flying skill, which takes up 1 of 4 valuable slots. For races with wings that can fly, it should be a racial trait only. Feels kinda retarded taht I have to assign a skill to fly when they already have wings. Thats probably my biggest jiff on the game.

Also I dont raelly know what to think of Wil, he has some good points to him, but sometimes he can be so full of himself. I have to admit, I like Lugana more than Wil. If I had to say, Melodianna probably been my favourit char, but I have a liking to a few of the others aswel.
Its like that for a reason. Cause in the end. With all the accessories any of your units can fly, swim, dig or even walk through lava. Plus flying is overrated. Its all about dimensional teleporting.
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