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Originally Posted by Blaat View Post
I had those reactions during my dailies today, crappy MM, plenty of penetrating 0 damage shots (three in row on my T32, costing my life) and then to top it all off: I was facing a 90hp Hellcat on a hill roughly less than 100m from my Type 58, so thinking it was an easy kill I shot at him. I missed and the shell flew under the hellcat (under a tank!) So after 5s I took another shot. Guess what? I missed and again it flew under the tank.
I had to recheck the replay to make sure I wasn't imagining things. I mean there's not much space under a tank so a shell flying under a tank two times in a row seems like a load of bull but nope it really happened.

An arty got the kill and hellcat did plenty of damage to me. I wasn't happy about that...
Hellcat had god mode on, lol, yeah I've had similar to that happen to me before, but i never took alot of dmg unless they noticed i'm there. Also when i watch ES play, he's out in the open alot... i'm like you want to give the enemy free shots off ya or wat???..... many instances I told him to get some cover, but he just sits there like a man and then dies, I start cracking up.
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