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Too bad I wasn't able to take a screenshot of my game last night with the T-43. Suffice to say I went east of the city map, the only one to follow the T-50-2 there while most of the team poured into the city. Our only back-up, as it were, were a Type-59 and an AMX 50 100... which hung waaaaay back close to our flag, and was pretty much using me for spotting, plus our arty.

Long story short, it was a harrowing few minutes as in quick succession, a Foch TD, a Type-59, an E-50, and a Jagdpanther poured into my side of the map. I'm surprised I lasted as long as I did, pinning down the Type and Foch before the freaking E-50 came in and rammed me.

We won though, as the enemy team's squad in the city got annihilated in quick order, and our team (composed of a T-34, a T25/2, and Jagdpanther) started capping. Got a bit hairy when the Type-59 turned back, but it got one-shot as soon as it appeared by our team's TDs.

Got spotting and spotting damage bonuses, plus I poked a few holes into the Foch and the Type, so all is good.
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