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Originally Posted by Kyero Fox View Post
Why is she said to be the strogest Vampire? Souds like a mis-stranslation.
I think the writer was getting at her being in ultimate form. No doubt Kahlua was strong like that, but I don't think she could be considered the strongest. Moka might have struggled a bit one on one due to lack of experience, but I think Kahlua would have had to go some to beat the older vampires.

I think it was a good chapter. Plenty going on, and it seems that the fights are getting resolved and the field is getting whittled down.

I think Kahlua is definitely out of action now, whether she dies or not - I think she's lost the will to fight and well as being physically beaten. I think Kokoa will be out now, as she's emotionally done in and will look after Kahlua. I sense a crowning moment of heartwarming between the two of them.

I've a feeling that Tsukune's going to finish off Kiria, who's going to overcome Hokuto. I can just see that one playing out that way. He's going to have another flip out session seeing Hokuto getting wasted!

Kurumu and Mizore are probably out too., especially Kurumu, healing abilities or not! Fong Fong and Yukari don't seem to have a fight anymore, and I think they'd be out of their depth doing anymore.

Which leaves Moka trying to detach Gyokuro's head with increasingly powerful kicks. She'll take the rosary back and then show her darker side, letting Alucard utterly destroy Gyokuro.

The mystery still remains. I want to see what happened to Issa & Fuhai. I think there's plenty of good things to come from Issa. Especially as Moka seemed really unsettled when Issa showed up, and not just because he's her father. He's got to be nearly on par with Akasha in terms of ability. I just can't see her going for someone way below her......
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