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Originally Posted by domino
Wow... I watched the OVA yesterday and it was the funniest thing ever. I love this show's crazy humor and the Shinsengumi. And Shinpachi's sister is awesome! The way they did Katsura is perfect, too. And the Bleach parody! Bahahaha... Love this show!!!

But where are the subs? I hear a group called Bakaneko is planning to do it, but do they really exist?
>>The OVA is awesome, and the Hanami part is from chapter 17 of the manga.

For the subs, I heard the same thing but I didn't find anywhere this team :/ I hope that a team will sub it cause Gintama is a popular manga of the Jump and it's aired just before Bleach...I hope that subs will come soon...

By the way, I didn't find the raw of episode 2, Saiyaman didn't release it...:s
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