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Originally Posted by Tsume
It seems ridiculous to me that animes like Kiba, Black Lagoon, and Saru Getchu are being fansubbed in English, while this series isn't. I mean, this is probably going to be the most popular new series of the season.
Sorry to pick on you Tsume, but you were the closest quote available and basically reflected the general consensus about why people weren't looking at this series (but do note this is a general claim aimed toward everyone who's inquiring about the same thing).

A series is always "good" in the eyes of the beholder; just because the series appeals to you doesn't mean it appeals to others. I really doubt that Gintama will become the most popular series of this season (seeing as HaruhISM has become rampant, to say the least), but at the same time I don't think this series will be ignored, either. I haven't had the pleasure of reading the manga, but from what I've heard of the series, it's a highly entertaining series that many people should give a shot. That being said, believe it or not, I'm sure there are at least one or two groups who are diligently working on the series as we speak. Perhaps they may be new to the fansubbing scene and need more time than usual to get adjusted to the motions, or perhaps it may be an experienced group who's currently pulling a balancing act between their previous projects, their new (already started) series, and their future plans. That much, I really have no clue about. But give them more time and show them a little more patience; the tried (and regretably true) cliche does play a major factor, and it's unfortunate, but groups do have quite a bit going on (especially so this season).

Hope I haven't offended anyone, since I'm kind of curious about this series myself. Here's hoping, though!
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