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While I don't remember all of Sound Horizon's lyrics, here is some Moira lyrics that reflex to the old lyrics that I do remember.

01 Thanatos

不運ナ姫君 迎ェニ往コゥ 血濡レタ花嫁 迎ェニ往コゥ

Without the “blood stained bride”, it could very well be that “the unfortunate princess” just means the sister of the twins. But since there’s no Bride in Moira, some people naturally brings up the “Sinking prima donna” from Chronicle 2nd, and the run away Bride who kills Abyss in Elysion.

02 Matryoshka

わたくし 古代のロマンにZvolinskiy ああ 穴があったら掘りたい

Roman = story/legend/tale as in 5th Horizon “Roman”

04 Didymoi

運命の歯車は再び...静かに廻り始める……(the cogwheel gently starts to revolve, again…)

Cogwheel that Fate/Destiny/Fortune turns…from Seisen no Iberia.

06 Leontius

風の都(Ιλιον、Ilion)は今 難攻不落の城壁を 築いているという

I probably think too much. But the last track of Seisen no Iberia also mentioned a wall that was built.

07 Ilion


Bow/arrow, “the shoot that freezes the night sky”, Anata wo Uchiotoshita Hi from Lost.

08 Lesbos

【記憶の水底】(The bottom of the water of memories)

The name of the 6th track of Lost.

10 Historia


Holding similar/alike stars. In Black Chronicle from Chronicle 2nd there’s a line says “holding different stars”.
But it could be just a way of describing things, like so many roses for girls, seasons pass for the flowing of time, and stardust that often occur in the lyrics

10, 11

The choice of using 宝石 as a description, and 焔 for Hikari. A reminder of Roman?
Track 11 also mentions "Stardust" several times. I first thought that's just because Misia is a reader of the stars. But someone from other forum pointed out that there's a melody from "Stardust", Elysion appears in this track, then that can't be just coincidence that Revo chooses this word Stardust to refer to stars.

12 Parthenos

加害者は誰で 被害者は誰か?(Who is the assailant? and who is the sufferer?)

Miezaru Ude from Roman.

13 –Ελευσευς- (How to spell it in English?)

あの日の少年——(A boy from that day,)
運命に翻弄され続けし者——(Those who are tossed by destiny,)
黒き剣を取った彼の復讐劇が始まる(His road to revenge begins by selecting the black sword.)

Boy with black sword: Shounen wa Tsurugi…

14 Helomachy


Same line in Seisen no Iberia, just a different name for the person.

【歴史は駈け廻る】(The Chronicles of Mythos. It's as rapid as the blink of eye.)

The Japanese writing is word to word to the repeated line in Seisen ni Iberia, and the English part with only one difference: History to Mythos.

15 Telos


Word to word from a line in Raishin no Keifu, Chronicle and Chronicle 2nd.

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