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Thanks for pointing out all those similarities, dierapunzel! Perhaps Revo was trying to tie-in some of the other works, heh. By the way, is there supposed to be another riddle in the bonus track, given the long stretch of sounds ?

Also, for those with a Nicovideo account, you can view the making of the 冥王 -Θανατος- PV @
I didn't hear any talk about another riddle. Revo is known to love strange arrangments like those blank tracks in Elysion and aburp cut offs at midsentences. As for the stretch, I saw somewhere a theory that the length of bonus track, 7:06, can be written as 6:66... Triple 6.

Some people also claim that they heard voices calling "Thanatos" during the strech when they really strain the volume of their high class audio. I use a small computer audio and probably that's why I heard nothing.

And, I think Moira is really not linked to any of the past songs story-wise. Moira is more like a level up of Seisen no Iberia, which also has no ties with previous songs in the story. (In older songs, the stories don't give you a complete world setting so it's quite open to place them anywhere and any timeline you like. But Revo's last two CDs, one based on Christian myth and another on Greece, not so flexible for tie-ins.)

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