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There is a big difference between caution and fear. Recognizing someone's strength does not mean you are afraid of them!

And pillage my lover would be Jiraiya not Itachi. I don't like Itachi as a character. So your point was?

The mission was to get Naruto and go, not to get in a huge fight with Jiaiya get hurt in the process. Who knows with all the high level jutsus OTHER jounins would show up just like in the Kakashi fight... "forget stealthy LET'S BATTLE !!! W0000!"

Lets look at this scenario:

There is a room with something you need but there is a guy that will fight you if you try to go in. You know if you fight him you will beat him and get acces to the room ... but ... during the fight you will be badly injured. You also know that at some point the guy will leave to eat dinner so you can go in without all the commotion. So would you be patient and wait ... or would you just charge the guy beat him up but loose an arm or something.

Let's say you choose to be patient and wait for the guy to leave ... does that automatically mean that you are scared of the guy?

If there was no way to avoid a 1v1 match between Itachi and Jiraiya(like 3rd vs Oro) do you honestly think Itachi would try to run or be afraid of Jiraiya?

I don't get this ... does Itachi really come off as a coward to you people?

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