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Hm.. overall speaking it has to be the 3rd Hokage in his prime. He was known as the god of all shinobi... if anyone else matched up to him then they would have been given that title.

Second strongest would have to be Orochimaru. He easily defeated the 3rd Hokage (the strongest kage) and his summon during the older years. Yes I say EASILY since the ONLY damage Orochimaru and his own summons received was due to the sealing techinque. Other than the sealing technique...the third didn't even scratch Orochimaru. The third himself was coughing up blood and what not.

Other reasons for Orochimaru - He was the 3rd Hokage's FIRST choice to succeed him (reminder - Hokage is strongest ninja in village). He picked Orochimaru over the 4th hokage, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and any others. The only reason he wasn't picked is because of his twisted ideals. He told Jiraiya to be more like Oro. He is mentioned as a genius that comes along once in decades.

I dont see why the 4th hokage is supposed to be so strong. He sealed the kyubi through one specific technique.... a technique that ends up costing him his life.... That isn't sufficient for me to put him above others.

Jiraiya hasn't impressed me with anything either. All he's done is held off an Itachi who didn't want to have a battle in the middle of the city.

Itachi is a possibility.. very real too. He actually might be stronger than Oro or the 3rd, but I need to see more of him fighting.

So.. for now, its 3rd Hokage until I see what Itachi is capable of.
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