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Originally Posted by xris
Hellychan. Daisuki. Oooooohhhhh, nice, but why is he wearing a life-jacket
TY ^__^ LOL! Where do you see a life-jacket? o_O;
Hmm...maybe you're talking about the big red leaves behind him? OK, I've removed the "life-jacket"

Here's the result:

With the LJ:

Without the LJ:

ChibiDusk: Thx, hehe, we had the same idea for the leaves and Daisuke

From your banners, I like test1, test4 (but as xris has already said, another font would be better) and test17 (but maybe there are too much leaves behind )

Shin Kell: I like that last one, it's funny ,but as Razer_2mb said, you have to make your banners match the imposed size.
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