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Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant View Post
Just looked up the recent arguments about Ron Paul...

Amazing. The entire new media, both sides, calling Paul "unelectable".

I am starting to understand now. The discussion I had previously about electability vs desirability seemed to went nowhere. But it is now clear it is because the American media drummed into everyone's heads that "if someone is unelectable, you shouldn't vote for him. And if no one vote for him, he is unelectable."

And then conveniently, the media decides who is and isn't electable, and just exile the candidates they don't like. While candidates who clearly have no chance in hell of winning, but is liked, ended up with huge air time.

I am not a supporter of Ron Paul politically, but the way he is being mistreated is clearly a grave injustice and shameful. He is a human being, and should be treated like one.
Things this guy is saying makes every self-interest around the country very very nervous. If he is nominated and eventually becomes the next president, I think he will be up for assassination. And I'm partly joking. Btw, as Jon Stewart has pointed out, a media black out is already in session to cover Ron Paul which includes MSNBC, FOX, CNN and almost all other major network.

clickity click

I also think when these major media network get around to cover him, they will be portraying him under the intense light of full fledge negativity and malice. After all, this is one person who can hurt the left and the right just by speaking out.
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