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Originally Posted by Puddingman View Post
Would they allow you to address the package to your local post office to pick up from there?
In my case, all my packages are addressed to my house, but they always end up waiting for me at the post office, anyway. Mailmen here are usually ill-equipped to deliver packages, so I believe that's one reason why they resort to sending parcel claim notice cards instead. This is for SAL shipping.

I've only tried EMS once, but the EMS package had to be taxed and picked up at the EMS facility much farther away from the local post office. Talk about inconvenience. I'm sure in most countries EMS would be delivered door-to-door though, regardless of Customs duties.

The one shipping option that would always deliver to door-to-door over here would be commercial couriers like FedEx, etc, though in return for the speed and convenience they're usually the most expensive option.

Well, best of luck to you and your online shipping experiences.
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