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Vena: was thinking Mykage just outright misled Izumo, or didn't tell him. Like it's a supposed to be a secret that Izumo had a kid with Alisia, so Izumo's not going to talk to Mykage about it ("oh hey, your wild boy, is he that kid I wasn't supposed to have with Alisia..."). Clearly Alisia didn't bring her kid with her, and it's not like Alisia's in a position to say anything, either, ). So then Mykage can introduce Kagura as some wild child he found wandering around near his fortress of fabulous solitude ("his mother must've disappeared with the other women, it's so sad..."), and Izumo never made the connection. (Plus, no one ever expects their long-lost son to be a jerky beastman .).
Did SA have the ability to *create* entire people (or split them into two separate people)? Seems like a bit of a stretch of his abilities... I mean, why not just make a bunch of fractional Kagura clones and send them to fetch Mikono, Sousei, and every other girl in Vega just to be safe? Can you imagine having a hundred reverse-powered Kaguras.

I don't think Izumo has a kid, I think he's just in love with the beauty in the glass (so to speak). Remember, we have the back of that *guy's* head in one of the flashbacks that really, really looks like the back of Amata's head. Just compare the the hair styles, its eerily similar. Is it Amata's dad? Is it Amata who is, somehow, not aging and his memories have been re-written into something preferable for, I don't know, Fudo?

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I really like that scenario, which means it probably won't happen. But I like it.
Well, they've still left his physical attraction to Zessica, and her attraction to him, floating around in the air with no resolution for a while. Makes you wonder... (Even if the show is telegraphing Mikono/Amata like Prince/Princess in a Disney movie.)

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And on the other topic:
Spoiler for Kagura/Mikono again:
Spoiler for Yup:
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