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Originally Posted by abc0716 View Post
No, Clannad was the first Key Anime I watched (on 3-4 years ago), and I actually like that series. Toei-made Clannad movie is quite okay, however KyoAni-made Clannad TV series is more superior than it.

However Kanon 2006 and AB (Air and Kanon 2002 are the Key Animes I haven't watch) ruined my good impression on their works, because I feel both of them are mediocre.
Well for Angel Beats I was not impressed with how rushed it was. It was very evident that it was compressed way too much. It needed to be fleshed out and have better pacing. So I would not hold that against their works. It has to do with budget and direction of the anime companies.

Not sure about Kanon I thought they did a great adaption. Also Maeda did not have as much input in LB as he did in past games.
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